What is Stress?

If you have felt different in yourself lately and think you might be suffering from some sort of emotional problem, it could be stress. I am going to tell you all about the symptoms of the disorder so that you can make an informed assessment of whether you are suffering from it.

So, what is stress?

Feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t handle day-to-day situations could be a sign that you are stressed. This might be in your work life or personal life. Certain things that previously would not have been a big deal to you might be making you very anxious and overwhelmed. There are physical and mental symptoms to stress so take a look at the signs below, to get a general idea of the illness.

The physical symptoms of stress

You might be finding that your energy levels are low and you are struggling even to get out of bed in the morning. You are likely to be getting more headaches than usual and you could be struggling to get to sleep at night. Some people with stress find that they experience an upset stomach including nausea and diarrhea. Aches, pains and muscles pains could be a sign of the illness. A lack of sex drive and any type of intimacy with your partner could also be a sign of stress. People who have stress might find that they are coming down with common illnesses more often such as the flu. All these physical signs are related to the mental signs and what is going on in your head.

Mental symptoms of stress

Stress might leave you feeling nervous about being around people, you might irrationally feel some sort of threat to your well being or like everybody has got it in for you. It is likely that stress will leave you very moody, often venting anger towards those who are close to you or don’t deserve it. You might feel worthless and bad about yourself, like you can’t do anything right and that you are good for nothing. Feeling lonely and withdrawn due to your stress can often lead to depression, which is a very serious illness.

Emotional Symptoms of stress

It is likely that when you are stressed you will burst into tears for what seems like no reason. You may also feel paranoia and panic may set in about anything and everything. You may get agitated and become frustrated over the slightest of things that previously would not have bothered you. Being snappy and cold towards the people who care about you the most is very detrimental and can be avoided. Instead of pushing them away – talk about how you are feeling, they will understand and be able to help you through it. Talking can result in you feeling much better and could relieve your stress slightly.

There are many ways to handle your stress. I personally recommend going down the self-help route. Self help methods have so many benefits, because they are a much more natural way to handle your stress, than taking invasive medication. Self help methods ensure that you always have something to come back to easily, should your stress ever return. Your stress needs to be sorted out because it can lead to anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.

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