What Causes Stress?

Do you know that personality is one of the leading causes of stress? This may seem hard to believe, but it is what the experts say. Most of your personality traits are acquired from birth to about 6 years old. Some of them you acquire as you grow, and they contribute to your stress level too. Changing your personality is not easy, but with awareness, you can reduce your stress levels too.

The first thing you should ask yourself is about your self-esteem. If you feel inferior to other people, condemn yourself harshly for your errors, and value yourself based on your mistakes, then you may be stressed due to your low self esteem. What you may not know is that you are putting yourself through stress unnecessarily. You can stop this by removing negative thoughts from your head to boost your self-esteem. This is just one of many simple strategies for stress relief.

You need to focus on your strengths, cast your weaknesses aside and take heart of your major achievements. In fact, going down this route will surprise you because you are likely to unearth some achievements you did not even know exist. Each time you are tempted to think about your failures, force your mind to switch to your positive characteristics, and your failures will reduce with time. One way to do this is using a trigger – when you think of a negative thought, it triggers a new action like remembering a past achievement.

Burdens are also classified as causes of stress. For example, you may be working too much or have too many responsibilities at school or even at home. Sure, there are responsibilities that you cannot escape at home, but you don’t have to do all of them. Prioritize your responsibilities and whittle them down to the necessary ones only. Try this and see for yourself how much you have been taking on, some of them even unnecessary. To deal with this, you can spread some of the responsibilities to other members of your household or colleagues, as the case may be. In case you are feeling too much stress, be sure to talk to your employer or colleagues so that you can all work together to reduce your responsibilities, and by extension, your stress levels.

As odd as it may sound, you may be too much of a control freak. Some of us think that we must be in control of each and every responsibility if everything is to run smoothly, but that should not be the case at all. Constant bickering and problem in relationships is one of the symptoms of stress. If you are a control freak, you may be stressing yourself with the responsibilities you are taking on. In fact, this stress may even spill over to your personal life and cause havoc in your relationships. If that is the case, you should learn how to control yourself and let go (check out this course on some effective stress relief strategies). Remember the old saying ‘Let go and let God’ and agree that you cannot control everything that happens in your life and the lives of other people. The sooner you understand that you can’t control everything, the sooner you will experience reduce less stress.

Fear can also cause a lot of stress in most people, especially those who fear the future. Perhaps you are afraid that you will fail, and that others will judge your failures harshly. You should know, however, that everybody makes errors. Even some of the most successful and popular people you know make mistakes, so you are bound to make them too. Deal with this by forgiving yourself of all the mistakes you may make and moving on to positive things. In fact, it may be difficult for others to forgive you if you do not forgive yourself first. Stop blaming yourself too much and your stress levels will reduce too. In everything you do, do it to your level best and then leave nature (some people say fate) to handle the rest. Don’t beat yourself up over every little mistake you make. Instead, recognize your imperfection. If you don’t, your stress levels will be sky high.

The first step to winning the stress battle is to recognize and accept that you have faults, and you will always do. Differentiate between the things you can change and the ones you cannot. You should also appreciate the fact that you acquired these causes of stress over a long time, so it will probably take you some time to unlearn your stress causes too, like in this stress relief video program. If you are thinking that you can change overnight, then you will obviously be disappointed. If you seek help, and are diligent enough, then you can obviously work on your flaws. Work on eliminating these flaws and you will soon be feeling energetic and less stressed. Who knows, your blood pressure may even drop too!

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