Tips for Public Speaking

A great many people have difficulty with public speaking. Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to build self trust. Confidence or self assurance shows through when you are speaking. The more comfortable you are, the more confidence you have, the easier it is for others to believe in you, and have confidence in you.

Here are a few tips for you to get over the fear and gain self confidence when you give a speach.

1. When speaking in public, talk about areas that you are familiar with, or passionate about. We all have limitations in different areas, but that should not stop us from sharing topics we know about.

2. Being able to listen is just as important as asking questions. Many times when we listen to ourselves, it can give a boost to your confidence and help you be more comfortable talking to others with confidence.

3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Never be afraid to ask if you are pronouncing a word correctly, if you don’t know make a little joke and everybody will relax.

4. Always make eye contact. Pick out someone in the audience and imagine you are talking just to them. Then glance around at the audience time to time. It will help you focus when speaking to a large group and nobody knows the difference.

5. It is important to have a sense of humor. People enjoy a little humor it relieves the strain or monotony of a speech and tends to make people more comfortable.

6. Be sociable. Interaction is nothing more than socializing with other people.

7. It can be helpful to record yourself speaking, so you can insure your speach comes across the way you want.

8. Always smile. A smile is like eye contact it gets people involved.

9. Sometime it helps to get a mentor. Find a person who is at ease with speaking in public and follow their example. They can give you tips to help you become more confident in yourself.

10. Preparation is important. If you have practiced your speech, and are familiar with it, you will be able to present it with confidence.

These steps will help you improve your public speaking skills. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become in your public speaking role. Another benefit is it will help you build self esteem and feel more confident in yourself. There are many avenues to success for someone who is accomplished at public speaking.

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