Tap Into Your Inner Creativity And Confidence

I cleaned out a closet last night and found some “works of art” I did many years ago at an art course about how to express my creativity (yes, that’s one in the photo!). I was actually scared to go! Afraid to learn how to express myself… Why? Because I was not an “artist” and didn’t feel confident in my abilities. But isn’t that why I was going to the course, to develop those abilities? So it got me thinking about how you can to tap into your inner creativity and confidence.

Why is creativity important? Simple. To quote Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge!” You use creativity to solve problems in a new or unique way, which means you add more value at work and are seen as more valuable. You keep a relationship fresh and exciting. You can achieve your own goals by breaking through any barriers in a new way. In fact, it gives you confidence. Click here for a short course on other ways to become confident

Everyone has the ability to be creative – including you! Once you learn how to unleash *your* inner creativity, you’ll be able to tap into it, no matter what else is going on in your life. You might even be amazed at what you’re really capable of!

Discovering your inner creativity begins with looking inside yourself. The idea of “looking within” might seem foreign or even silly, but it’s really not as crazy as it sounds! There are many successful people who understand the benefit of turning inward for inspiration, happiness, and decision-making.

You may not always profit from your creativity. In fact, more often than not, your ingenuity will only benefit you and your family, and that’s okay! Your creativity can still bring you great joy and happiness!

Some people write, draw, compose music, build sculptures, or paint. There are plenty of creative pursuits for you to explore and enjoy. Even redecorating your house, revitalizing your wardrobe, or experimenting in the kitchen can be a creative outlet for you. After all, someone has to try new things, or the world would never change. So let that person be you!

Tips to Focus on Your Inner Creativity

If you haven’t given much thought to your inner creativity, getting started can be the hardest part. and one of the biggest is fear – fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection… but also fear of what you might discover! It really is a great confidence builder too. Your art may not be the same as Leonardo da Vinci’s , but it’s YOUR art, and that can boost your confidence.

Here are some things to think about:

  • What do you do for a living?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What would you do if you could do anything?
  • Who would you be if you weren’t worried about the judgment of others?

Ask yourself these questions – especially the last two – openly and honestly, and discover your answers. You just might be astonished about what you find out about yourself. Perhaps it’s time to take that hobby and turn it into a living. Maybe it’s time to shake off the idea of living for others and begin to live for yourself.

Today is a new day to be creative, and a new day to touch the hearts and minds of others with what you have to offer the world. Are you worthy or capable? Of course you are! Let your inner creativity come pouring out.

Once you’ve started to discover your creativity, practice and experiment with it:

  • Make it a point to be creative every day.
  • Try new ways to do things, even routine chores like taking a new route to a destination
  • Seek creative solutions to your challenges at work and home.
  • Any time you do something differently or see something from a new perspective, you’re flexing your creativity.

Continue your exploration by branching out into entirely new hobbies and activities that help you in your pursuit of original creativity. Try expressing yourself in music, dance, writing, painting, or even crafts or woodworking.

Avoiding Discouragement

There are people who simply don’t like change. You might even know some of them. As your inner creativity comes out, these people may not support you. That’s okay, because it’s not their life to live. It’s not their race to run. Focus on what you feel in your heart and surround yourself with those who do support you.

Getting support from others can make a huge difference, but either way, you must be your own #1 fan! The best support comes from within, not from what others think is right or wrong for your life. That’s actually what self confidence is about – believing yourself and your abilities. Click here for more information on how to gain confidence.

Using your creativity will inspire you to do even more with your life. You can’t possibly imagine where your creativity can take you if you just let it out and enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be perfect – and you don’t have to be perfect – to bring great joy to yourself and to the world around you.

Finally, remember that your creativity is different from someone else. so don’t compare yourself or your creations with anyone else. Just start and keep practicing. Remember, confidence comes from competence, and competence comes from practice.

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