Surviving Divorce

No one enters a marriage expecting for their relationship to break up. But given the statistics, everyday someone is getting a divorce. It can happen to anyone and any relationship, even the most seemingly solid marriages. No matter how or why your marriage fell apart, now you are headed to divorce court.

Divorce is a life-changing experience. It is an upheaval of your life, of your normalcy. After you have built a life around your significant other, it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under you. The stress is almost more than you can bear, and suddenly what was familiar to you is gone and everything is foreign, different. You’re not sure if your life will ever be the same.

Unfortunately, there are more people than ever dealing with divorce. As more families experience divorce and children become accustomed to it, it will become even more common. But there are ways to ensure you come through this and minimize the stress and turmoil you experience. While you cannot take away the pain, you can take on ways of coping that will ease the burden you carry.

If there is animosity between you and your ex-spouse it adds even more stress to the situation. You should take care to find a good lawyer specializing in family law. Your family, friends or even your doctor are a great place to start. To ease your worry find a lawyer that negotiates well rather than someone who will try to make a battle out of it in court. It is much better to solve problems and difficulties peacefully, both for and your family.

Child custody can be the most difficult of all divorce proceedings. The best way to handle custody is to work it out before going to divorce court. This avoids what can eventually become a long, intense battle where everyone suffers. You need to prepare yourself for the worst by being prepared and diligent. Be ready to explain and justify why your children should be with you. Take a look at the positives and negatives of both you and your spouse as parents so you understand the salient points if you have to discuss them in court.

Divorce can effect your financial life in drastic ways you may have never imagined. Be ready by making a realistic budget, stick to it, and account for your assets and those shared by both of you. Shared property should be listed and you should claim anything you want to keep. If you aren’t careful, your credit report can be the victim if your spouse doesn’t pay some bills, so be aware of all financial activity.

Divorce has been so common that you can most likely find a divorce support group near you. Joining a support group can ease the burden of feeling alone and help you handle some of your stress. Building a strong support network is key for when things get rough.

Getting a divorce is a large undertaking, but you can stay strong and reduce stress if you are prepared and take positive steps. The thing is that divorce eventually ends, and while it may not seem like it at times, you will move on. Just be patient with yourself, take each day as it comes, and do what you can to alleviate the stress that divorce can cause you.

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