Simple Steps to Personal Transformation

Every waking day we face challenges that can weigh us down and if left unchecked for a long period can leave us very vulnerable to stress and burnout. Focusing on your strong attributes and qualities is essential in helping you reduce stress, eliminate pain, and overcome depression while taking small but steady steps towards personal transformation.

The first bold step that you can take towards a better tomorrow is acknowledging your struggles and formulating a detailed plan of action on what needs to be done to overcome them. This will not only give you the opportunity to come into terms with the situation at hand, but it also allows you to have a clear look at what it is you are battling with.

A thorough and honest self evaluation can pin point problematic areas that are causing you stress and burn out. If you desire to attain personal transformation, then it is imperative that you be true to yourself and set the ball rolling towards positive change.

Let go of your hurts and disappointments as these can easily blur your vision for the future and hinder you from making objective, unbiased decisions in your quest to achieve personal transformation. Freeing your future from past mistakes and struggles allows you to begin afresh while using lessons learned from previous experiences to your advantage in formulating what you want going forward.

Open yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities without putting boundaries and imaginary walls of self defense around you. It maybe true that once bitten twice shy, however you shouldn’t withhold your creative mind and bottle up ideas that could otherwise spark personal transformation just because you have failed in the past.

Only make promises that are easy to keep and largely avoid big plans that could make you fall victim to self-sabotage. Expecting too much too soon from yourself can easily lead to resignation and withdrawal. Instead, be gentle with yourself and your personal transformation journey will happen more smoothly.

Learn to love yourself no matter what. This will help you eliminate pain and enable you to fully accept the fact that no one is perfect. Accepting your present situation will allow you to embrace the small steps that you have already taken in your journey. Learn to be patient with yourself while still focusing on the big picture.

Not comparing yourself to others is key. Do not use other people’s lives as yardsticks to mark your progress or lack thereof. You should never undermine your own worth by comparing your struggles to other people’s successes as the grass is not always greener on the other side!

Build relationships that affirm you as an individual while offering you support and encouragement. When you align yourself with like-minded individuals with shared interests, you are more likely to reduce stress that can arise from interpersonal conflicts.

Ask for help whenever you need it. Most people are genuinely happy to help. Shying away and keeping problems to yourself is a sure fire way to allow depression sneak in and steal your happiness or the little progress you could have made in your efforts to reduce stress.

Believe in yourself and move towards trusting others as well. When you feel in any way as though you are lesser of a human being, you undermine your strengths and your abilities which could lead to resentment of other people whom you deem superior than you.

Take great care of yourself by staying active, meditating, and setting aside time in your regular schedule for fun activities whether alone or with a friend. This will give you an opportunity to release any physical tensions and help to eliminate pain.

Stay open to learning new things. Acquiring new skills and knowledge can make you feel good about yourself again and help you overcome sadness, frustration, and hopelessness, moving you towards improved self esteem.

Whatever you do, never fold up and ‘close shop’ headed for early resignation without a fair fight! Focusing your awareness on ‘what’ your goals are, setting a timetable on ‘when’ they should be attained and envisioning ‘where’ you are headed without draining all your energy on the ‘how’, will help you stay motivated and on course.

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