The Road to Self Discovery

Adapting a wholistic lifestyle enables us to reconcile our minds, bodies and emotions. Self discovery plays a major role in achieving healthy lifestyle changes. Keeping an open mind is an important aspect that will bring you the added benefits of self awareness.

The eyes are the lenses through which we capture the world around us. What you perceive greatly reflects in your actions, affects your feelings and mood as well as how you relate with those around you, whether in a positive or negative light.

One thing you can do is to make notes of your feelings whether written or just mental notes. This will assist you in fully focusing on what is truly happening within and without. When you choose to go through life without paying close attention to the hidden self, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to develop your full potential.

Becoming aware of which aspects of your hidden self make you stronger, you will be in a better position to use them to combat your weaknesses and move towards healing the hidden self. No matter what limitations you may face, whether real or imaginary, self discovery will highlight your most vulnerable attributes helping you gain control of your current situation.

There are some self discovery activities that will help you in healing the hidden self. Meditation is a great way of focusing on your mental notes and a perfect opportunity for you to tap into your inner thoughts while reflecting on your values and your morality.

It is not uncommon to have experiences that have been safely stored in your subconscious mind resurface during those quiet and alone moments. Sometimes these thoughts can race through the subconscious mind bringing about unpleasant memories which you have tried to escape although you need to find healing.

Be open to accepting the things that seem to be completely out of your control and start moving towards healing the hidden self. You may face some resistance in the process. Resistance at any level results in friction and conflicting messages from the mind to the body. Recognize the resistance that comes up and just be aware that it’s there. Resistance can persist and produce more stress in your life when you fight against it.

Every so often, pay close attention to your subliminal mind. When you practice focusing your awareness on the positive mental messages, it opens you up to self discovery and the ability to heal the subconscious mind.

Deploy a buddy system where you can freely and trustingly outpour your most vulnerable thoughts to a trusted friend or family member. Sometimes it helps to unload your thoughts and release any tension build-up which could be hindering your move towards wholistic healing.

Be careful not to self sabotage your healing efforts. Whenever you feel defeated, do not simply give up and negate all your efforts. Instead, try to focus on the progress gained and accept that we all face bumps in the road and personal setbacks.

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