Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Depression

If you are having trouble with depression and want to improve your self esteem, there are many alternatives to conventional treatments based on drugs or medications available to you.

You can build self confidence in many different ways and it all starts with a positive attitude.

You may find yourself feeling down as if the world is against you sometimes. Luckily there is hope through holistic, self help methods.

The first thing you can work on is building a positive attitude. It starts with observing your thinking and catching any negative trains of thought. Become aware of any negative thoughts such as; “I am worthless. I can’t get anything right. I am such a dummy. What is wrong with me?” When you hear yourself making these comments, stop and think about what you are saying. Where do these thoughts come from? What are they connected to? What kind of emotional and physical responses do they produce in your body?

By monitoring your thoughts and questioning them, you will begin to notice more and more what’s going on inside of you.

Counter the negativity by thinking of a time in your life when you made a great impression on someone, or a group of people. Focus on some positive memory in which someone congratulated or praised you. Try to connect with how good it felt to feel good about yourself. Click here for 25 more ways to boost self-confidence.

This is very important because you need a reference point to counter the negative thoughts you may have about yourself. To improve self esteem, it’s important that you remind yourself of these wonderful moments when you are feeling down.

Everything counts when you are trying to build self confidence. Exercise is another way to stimulate all the senses and, believe it or not, it will help you feel better about yourself. Once you start feeling better about yourself you will find that your attitude improves.

For example, if you are currently seeing a therapist, ask if you can have your meeting outside or while walking. The therapist will most likely agree that it will be stimulating.

Exercise combined with diet will also help you start to overcome depression. Your diet should consist of a recommended combination of healthy foods that are moderate in fat and calories.

When battling mild or moderate depression it is also important to keep caffeine and alcohol to a minimum. It’s best if you can cut these things from your diet altogether.

There have probably been many times when you have felt too depressed to make healthy food. If you can change that aspect of your life, along with exercise, you will notice a change quicker than you think.

Once you have improved your self esteem you can begin to build self confidence. If you start feeling better about yourself, others will notice and you will be able to see a difference in them and the things around you. When you increase your self confidence, your thoughts automatically become more optimistic and you are in a more resourceful state to handle the small issues that can suck you down into the abyss.

It may feel like a slow process at first, but eventually you will notice a difference. You will begin to feel more confident about talking to other, going out in public, or taking a bus if you have to.

It’s all about patience and a positive attitude. In order to give yourself a chance, you have to allow it time to happen. You are turning around some old habits of thinking.

Take time to relax and do some breathing techniques. this will improve the flow of oxygen to the brain and help lift the fog and give you clearer thinking. that’s why yoga can be helpful.

You also need a support system to help you when you need it. Talk to family and close friends and explain what you are going through, so that when you need to talk to someone they will understand and be able to put it into perspective and help you.

Your friends and family should still be aware of your situation to help you when you are feeling down. They will be able to remind you to be confident and help bring you back to your positive attitude. But the best reminder to be confident is to develop the skills to be self confident – then you empower yourself and don’t have to rely on anyone.

Remember, even with support from others, to build self confidence you must take the first step. You are not alone in this process. Take the opportunity today by taking the first step, however small it may be. Step up and get more confidence now!

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