The Secret For Beating The Holiday Blues Revealed In 3 (Proven) Simple Steps

Did you see that article with the 5 best tips to beat the holiday blues?
Bad news amigo – they don’t work!

Every year there are a bunch of articles on the top 5, 7, or even 21 tips on how to beat the holiday blues or overcome holiday depression.

They say (more or less) the same thing.

And they don’t work.

But when you read to the end of this article, you’ll get a proven, yet simple, 3 step formula to beat the holiday blues for real.

Some Tips to Overcome The Holiday Blues

Here’s some of the advice you get in those articles:
(You probably already know some of these tips, don’t you?)

•    Stick to your budget
•    Schedule your time
•    Drink less alcohol
•    Decide on your priorities and stick to them (as if you’ll be able to this time around just by sheer willpower)
•    Don’t overeat
•    Be with friends
•    Listen to music or find other ways to relax
•    Choose to be happy because happiness is a choice (didn’t you know?)
•    Be a good listener
•    Get enough sleep


Don’t you already know all this? But still not do it?

Probably yes.

So why don’t you do it?

Because they tell you what to do, but not HOW to do it.

I mean, aren’t you already too busy and stressed out? And now you’re suddenly expected to change your routine and habits?


It’s hard enough when you’re not busy and stressed out so this is possibly the worst time to try to implement something new, especially if you don’t know what the step by step process is.

How You Can Change Your Holiday Habits

So, you may ask, “OK, Omar, so how do I change my habits?”

“How can I feel happier during the holiday season and not feel so stressed out with my in-laws or that frustrating Christmas music in every department store?”

Here’s how:

Perhaps the two most famous habit experts are Charles Duhigg, author of The power of Habit, and BJ Fogg, a professor at Stanford University. They have a proven and simple 3 step process to change a habit:

1.    The cue or trigger. This is what starts the habit process or loop
2.    The routine. The action you take which is the habit itself.
3.    The reward. The benefit you gain from doing the habit.

For example

1.    The Cue or trigger – Christmas music you hear in shops during the holiday season.
2.    The Routine – You get frustrated at the fakeness of the whole season and start thinking of how superficial the holiday season has become.
3.    The Reward – This gives you an opportunity to get pissed off and to allow your repressed anger to be expressed.

When is It A Reward

Why is this a reward?

Because our culture does not approve of expressing anger so we tend to repress it or express it in inappropriate ways (have you heard of road rage?).

Getting pissed off releases that steam and then we can blame it on the Christmas music and all the fakeness.

The Proven Beat The Holiday Blues Formula

Here’s a quick and effective process to reprogram your holiday blues habit using this model.

Step 1 –  Choose an event or moment that made you very happy. Remember that moment?
It could be day of your wedding (or your divorce),  a specific birthday or your college graduation or your child’s birth or when you got a raise or your first trip to Asia or your first amazing knee-buckling kiss.
Yeah, you know that moment!

Step 2 – now remember EVERYTHING about that moment :
•    the sensations in your body
•    the thoughts
•    the feelings
•    the surroundings
•    the location
•    the sounds
•    the temperature…

Remember all the details of that moment.

Use all your senses. Got it?

Step 3 – Now associate that with the trigger, which in this example is hearing Christmas music.

So whenever you hear Christmas music, you think of that moment.

You can also add a good old fist pump (or any other unique body movement) to connect that trigger  to your body as well for extra effect.

Practice this a few times. Like maybe a hundred or 500 or more to really internalize it. Because , let’s face it, you’ve had lots of practice your current trigger for the holiday blues.

Go to YouTube  and listen to some Christmas carols and as you listen, keep thinking of that moment from steps 1 and 2, and also do a fist pump each time.

Now, your trigger is the same – the Christmas music –  but your routine is a different routine that you have practiced, and now the reward is remembering the bliss of that moment.

Don’t you think that this reward is more pleasurable?

You Just Learned A New Skill

If you’ve followed the steps, then it will definitely be more pleasurable. And you can remember and feel that happy moment just by doing that fist pump as well, even if there is no holiday music!

But here’s the real beauty.

You just learned a new skill. A new process.

And, it was simple to learn, right?

So here’s the real secret about beating the holiday blues,

You do the same thing with other external triggers.

For example, if you’re being triggered by feelings of loneliness, then you can use another very effective technique, called the Instant Happiness Technique.

Like the technique you just learned, it’s easy to learn, fast and anyone can do it.

Click here now to learn that skill so you can enjoy the holidays for real this year.

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