Relaxation for Optimal Health

Research studies have shown that prolonged anger is a leading cause of heart disease, and heart attacks can be brought on by excessive stress. In light of this, it seems that relaxation can be more beneficial than we once thought. If people who are stressed can learn to manage their anger and change their attitude, they can dramatically improve their heart health.

When you learn to relax, you will be able to stop panic attacks and be more capable of dealing with anxiety. Stress can be greatly reduced by relaxation techniques that also can help in treating depression. Relaxation for Health can help you in ways.

The following are some effective ways to accomplish this.

Transcendental meditation (TM) has been used for relaxation very effectively. Experts have determined that using this form of relaxation can reduce blockages in the arteries, thereby reducing strokes and heart attacks. Individuals who practiced TM were even able to cause their arterial walls to reduce in density.

Acupuncture was another way to relax and decrease high blood pressure in patients. It was found that acupuncture seemed to trigger the release of a series of chemical compounds in the brain, called endorphins which then aid in muscle relaxation, decrease pain, reduce anxiety and ease panic.

A simple way to relax, is just to breathe. We don’t realize how much breathing can affect our minds, our body and invariably our mood. If you just focus on your breathing, you will soon feel noticeable effects.

Another surprising way to relax is through the use of exercise. If you are feeling angry or stressed, a half hour of light exercise will do a great deal to relax you and clear your mind.

One other relaxation technique that many people often forget about is hypnosis. This is an excellent way for people who are unsure of what relaxation feels like. A hypnotherapist will take the person through a series of relaxation techniques and help them achieve total relaxation.

These relaxation techniques are just a few examples of ways to relax.  Other reasons to relax, aside from minimizing your chances of a heart attack or stroke and lowering blood pressure, is stress. Stress increases the number of hormones that depress the immune system. Relaxation can give the immune system the recovery time it needs to function properly.

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