Personal Stress Management

It is a fact that we can help ourselves overcome stress by practicing personal stress management.   Our minds are very powerful and the key to how we function in our every day lives.

We can actually allow ourselves to become overworked and stressed out by just dwelling on negative thoughts and worry.  We can learn to control our thoughts and by focusing on relaxation techniques, we can actually calm our bodies and escape the unwelcome feelings of stress.

Therapists and Doctors agree that being relaxed while in the middle of a stressful situation can actually help us think more clearly and find quicker answers or solutions to the problem.  There are plenty of personal stress management relaxation strategies to choose from so let’s look at just a few.

Dancing and Music

Dancing to music is known to release serotonin which enhances mood and can also release pent up frustration in the body.  Dancing also increases circulation and more oxygen is allowed into the body which also increases mood and reduces stress.  Music is very soothing to the soul if it’s gentle and relaxing, but it can also reduce your stress if it’s a very active, tribal music to help you release the energy and anger in a healthy way.

Therapeutic Massage

The mind and body are one, indulging the body can aid in relaxing the mind as well.  A very important part of contact with others is touch. It can help us feel connected and cherished.  Massage aids in circulation through kneading and rubbing areas of the body which relaxes the muscles.

Massage is well known for being the easiest and oldest form of therapy.   It is intended to aid the body in healing itself and also to increase overall health and feelings of well being.  Shiatsu massage is amazing for treating common physical and psychological problems by using pressure points.

Aromatherapy massage is another great way to experience relaxation.  A massage with scented oils such as lavender, jasmine, or brain power oil will aid in relaxing the mind while relaxing the body as well.


Meditation can remove tension, stress, and anxiety, and replace it with a deep and very serene inner peace.  We can very easily learn meditation and use it whenever circumstance calls for it.  Try meditation when stress has you tense, worried, or anxious.  Just a few minutes of meditation will restore inner peace, calm, and contentment.

A peaceful mind and a state of relaxation can be achieved by meditation.  When meditating, wipe out any thoughts that may come into mind and focus all energy and attention on just being still and quiet, focus on nothingness.  The outcome is increased psychological and physical well being.


A really great way to combat stress is exercise.  It might seem like adding exercise to an already busy life is unimaginable but think of it as a way to get alone time with just you and your thoughts (preferably positive thoughts).

Do not look at exercise as a pressure; consider it therapy that will aid in getting rid of anxiety and stress.  Exercise is a fantastic way to keep the body and mind healthy and balanced. If exercise isn’t enough, then use another personal stress management relaxation strategies from above in conjunction with exercise and relaxation will surely be yours.

In addition to these methods, it’s vital to consider your thoughts – what are you thinking on a consistent basis? What’s the conversation you have with yourself? Where’s the stress really coming from? Click on the link to get more stress relief strategies that work!

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