"Overwhelmed With Problems?" [Get Stress Relief By Helping Someone Else]

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, frustrated, stuck, depressed, anxious or worried and are completely focused on your problems, then check out this third insight I got while I was at the hospital recently when my mother in law was in the Intensive care unit (ICU).

Sometimes, you may be so self absorbed with your work, health, family problems and issues that you may forget that there’s always someone who is worse off than you.

To break the pattern of feeling stressed out and stuck in being self absorbed is to volunteer ( without expectation of getting anything back) to help someone out who is going through a difficult situation and may be confused or frantic about to what to do.

This simple act of goodwill will help the other person in ways you can’t imagine and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. The gives you immediate stress relief which allows you to go back to your situation and see it with a fresh perspective and feeling more empowered to take appropriate action!

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