Natural Depression Remedies – Simple 3-Step Formula to Beat Depression

Are you looking for natural depression remedies? Do you want to beat depression? If you do, then join me on the journey to discovering how to deal with depression through simple depression self-help tips that I used to stop depression.

Are you curious about the causes of depression and what natural depression treatment might work? Perhaps you want to know about the depression definition.

For me, depression was about feeling like a loser, beating myself up all of the time, having low energy, and not even realizing that I was depressed. What did it take for me to overcome depression? Well, the first thing was accepting that I was depressed and then getting help. I embarked on a journey to find natural solutions that didn’t include antidepressants or their horrible side effects.

In this video you will learn about one of key causes of depression. It has to do with childhood programming and how we are trained as children to think, feel and act in accordance with our external environment.

I am here at Sea World to show how conditioning works. Here, killer whales have been conditioned to entertain when their instinct is to kill. With depression, we are conditioned in childhood to feel hopeless, unworthy, and stuck in a black hole. This childhood conditioning becomes part of our adult life behavior.

Learn how childhood conditioning rules your thoughts, actions and behavior. I will teach you some simple tips on what to do to move beyond it.

I was able to overcome depression by applying these same techniques, and you can too if you apply the same techniques that I have learned.

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