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“Stress Relief Made Easy!”

These two skills are easy to learn, and before I tell you what they are,

let me tell you what is causing this overwhelming stress.

First, What Exactly Is Stress? 

Well, there are 2 kinds of stress – positive and favorable, or negative and unfavorable.

Positive stress (or eustress which “helps”) leads to improved performance, feelings of success and confidence and allows the body to return to the normal, non-stress state.

We associate it with a favorable experience. Like when you go to the gym and challenge yourself, or want to improve yourself in an area and have to learn something unfamiliar, or when you’re making love.

Negative stress (or distress which “harms”) or mismanaged stress, keeps the physical reaction of the body turned on and does not let the body completely recover to the non-stress state. When you feel that the pressure and demands are greater than your resources leads to an inability to cope which is interpreted as threat to your life, health and wellbeing. We associate it with an UNfavorable experience.

When you say that you’re stressed, you’re really referring to distress.

There are also 2 types of (dis)stress:

  1. Acute stress, which is immediate and intense and lasts a short time, and
  2. Chronic stress which is persistent and perpetual and extends over a longer period of time.

The real issue is that we experience BOTH Acute and Chronic stress simultaneously in our fast paced life styles.

This means that we are CONSTANTLY in the Fight, Flight, or Freeze Stress Response.

Stress Accumulates!

There’s no doubt about it… stress just adds up. The problem is that there is NO time for your body to recover to a relaxed, non-stress state.

Over time, the pressure and demands are greater than your resources and your system sees these external stressors or causes of this feeling of stress as the cause and threat to your life, relationships and health.

It affects your overall well-being… First gradually… then suddenly when you pass your body’s threshold!

And that’s when things accelerate into a medical crisis.

The #1 Precursor To Medical Conditions

It’s a scientific fact that stress is THE #1 precursor to many conditions, including depression, heart disease, hypertension and high blood pressure. It is also linked to strokes, diabetes, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), muscle and joint pain, ulcers, miscarriage during pregnancy and even premature tooth loss.

Stress also reduces work performance and affects relationships because it impairs brain functions such as memory, concentration, and learning. If you are suffering from stress, you may experience as much as 50% loss of performance in cognitive tests.

Some of the serious health effects caused by stress CANNOT be reversed, and can even cause death. Other health effects can be reversed, with appropriate stress relief.

Are you putting your life, your mind, your body and your family at risk because of  stress?

Is It Worth It?

Take proactive steps to change NOW before you no longer have a choice.

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The 2 Skills No-One Taught You!

It’s not your fault.

Stress relief and stress management don’t get taught in school, and yet it’s the most important subject when it comes to your health, happiness and productivity.

To get out of the vicious cycle of the self fulfilling stress prophecy, there are 2 skills that you MUST learn in order to avoid the pain of the inevitable destructive negative spiral. Those are:

1. The ability to recover once the perceived threat or danger has subsided so you can come back to normal mode and leave the stress response.

2. The ability to de-accumulate stress that has already accumulated in your body as tension. In fact, it has become so conditioned in your body that simple massage only offers temporary stress relief.

By definition, a skill is a proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience.

To help you learn and develop this skill, I create a video series for you where I share with you 50 Simple Stress Relief Strategies.

These are simple to do, and take minimal effort so you don’t get overwhelmed or stressed out even more.

This online course is available to you in small chunks that are easy to digest anytime

You will learn 50 strategies that you can apply yourself to reduce, relieve and manage your stress at different times of the day and week – remember, you need to de accumulate the stress as it stacks up at different times.

The beauty if this program is that you are empowered using natural and self help methods without dangerous side effects of medication.


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With so much negative energy right now and on the news, you are a really positive and right light in the world. You have really helped me, you have reached out to me. You are a great spirit with so much to give to the world, I am so happy that I know you – even if it is ony thru the internet.

What you are doing is valuable and GOOD and you are a great person and I am so happy that I have had the chance to grow from your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for all you have given to me. Karma has so many good things in store for you… Don’t be tooooo suprised when random good things happen to you. You send out so many positive ripples into the sea, you are bound to get a few back.

much love

Amy E. Stevens”


” …I never thought I could find any way to help myself out of my situation because of so many failed attempts. i found your videos today and your videos are really helpful You say things that are more helpful than any shrink i’ve been forced to see. Thank YOU…” – Name Withheld (private message on Facebook)

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“Frequently Asked Questions”

Q: How can stress cause so many diseases?

A: Many of these conditions occur because of a more active sympathetic nervous system and an outpouring of stress-related hormones including adrenaline, cortisol and others. A more insidious and chronic types of stress due to loneliness, poverty, bereavement, depression and frustration due to discrimination are connected with conditions ranging from impaired immune system resistance and even viral linked disorders such as the common cold and herpes to AIDS and cancer.

Stress can also affect other hormones, brain neurotransmitters, enzymes and other metabolic activities. Research in these areas may help to explain how stress can contribute to depression, anxiety and its diverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract, skin and other organs.
Ultimately, mind, emotions and body are all connected and interdependent.

Q: Can medication help me lower my stress levels?

A: Medications can be helpful for many conditions, but usually not for stress. Some people use tranquilizers to relax or calm down, but it’s far healthier and more empowering to learn to manage your stress through relaxation or stress management techniques.

How do I know if I need to learn stress relief or stress management skills?

Stress management and stress relief skills can help you learn to manage your stress, especially if your stress is constant and never-ending or if you have a “Type A” personality (competitive, hostile, constantly rushing, or angry).

Q: Why is stress in today’s world more dangerous than before?

A: Stress nowadays tends to be more insidious, pervasive and persistent because it has psychological rather than physical threats as our ancestors experienced. It is associated with instinctive and instant reactions over which we have no conscious control. These physical reactions in the face of danger were originally designed to be beneficial including raising heart rate and blood pressure to improve decision making in the brain, to increase blood sugar to supply more energy and to divert blood from non essential functions, like digestion, to supply strength and energy to limb muscles.

Unfortunately, our bodies still react with these same, archaic fight, flight or freeze responses that today are neither useful nor healthy.  When we experience this day in and day out, it takes its toll on the central nervous system and it’s easy to see how stress can contribute to “Diseases of Civilization” including hypertension, strokes,  heart  attacks, diabetes, ulcers, neck or low back pain.

Q: Can Simple Tips For Managing Stress Actually Work?

A: These strategies are effective because they can change the way you view your stressors. How you experience stress is really an interaction between your circumstances and what you think about your circumstances, so changing the way you perceive your life’s circumstances can actually change the manner in which you experience the stress.

If you see your stressors as a threat that is everywhere and also cannot see a way to avoid them, they can feel much more ‘stressful’, overwhelming and frightening. If you see them as temporary challenges and believe that there is always a way to manage such events, you might feel less overwhelmed and stressed by stressful events in your lives. Because of this, simpler stress management strategies are easier to do if you are already overwhelmed. When your brain is stressed , it is working in “survival mode” and it moves into a kind of tunnel vision. In that case, it longer sees opportunities and is frequently accompanied by a sense of pessimism where it is unable to believe that better solutions are even possible. Such negative thoughts affect your behavior, and can lead to a sense of ‘learned helplessness’, where you might feel too stressed to even begin to change things in their lives. Alternatively, you can feel that your problems are so big that small changes won’t help. The fact is, they do help.

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