Meditation Helps Insomnia

Have you ever suffered from being unable to sleep? Restless nights with little sleep are a sure sign that you are suffering from insomnia. If you have then I’m sure that you will have a strong desire to overcome your insomnia and regain nights of peaceful sleep.

If you have suffered from a chronic inability to sleep for any length of time you will know how strong the desire is to find relief. I am sure that you will have tried over the counter remedies such as Tylenol. It may be that you have visited your doctor to get help with insomnia.

A visit to the doctor can result in the use of stronger medication such as nerve pills. Doctors sometimes diagnose people with sleep apnea – another form of insomnia. The trouble with both of these treatment options is that they can be invasive and cause you even more stress.

I know someone who was given a CPAP machine when she was diagnosed with sleep apnea. She had such a hard time adjusting to the machine that she become more stressed. Her nights were even more disturbed as she felt uncomfortable and unable to breathe. The problem increased her anxiety and she became increasingly irritable.

In time she realized the toll that the insomnia and the resultant stress and irritability were having on her health and relationships. She decided eventually to do some research to see if there was a more natural treatment for insomnia without all of the complications.

Her research led her to discover meditation. Now meditation is not new but it is not something that many people will consider as a natural treatment for insomnia. To really beat insomnia it is necessary to widen your ideas and open your mind to alternative methods that are more natural and less reliant on medication and machines.

Insomnia can be affected by the mind. Stress can play a large part in insomnia and worsen its effects. Allowing our daily worries to play on our minds while we toss and turn at night causes us to fight against sleep and to become more restless becomes a vicious circle.

To beat insomnia it is important to take control of your mind. Meditation is a natural method that evokes calm and lessens stress. In fact, by adding periods of meditation into your daily routine you will ensure that you are calmer and learn how to take greater control over your mind. This will help you to take control of stressful situations so that you don’t get so wound up and let the situation control you or spoil your day.

To ensure that you can use this natural treatment to overcome insomnia you should set a daily routine that allows you to meditate first thing in the morning and last thing at night before you go to bed.

A good morning routine is to get up slightly before the other members of your household ensuring you get some time on your own with peace and quiet. This will give you time for stillness and reflection whilst you meditate.

In the evening, start your wind down routine after dinner. Instead of watching television why not try a relaxing bath to relieve any tension while you listen to calming and soothing music? After your bath has soothed tension and your muscles, take a few minutes to meditate.

Make sure your room is properly ventilated and that your bedclothes are not too restrictive. Once in bed it is important to breathe deeply a few times and to clear your mind, ensuring that no worries are allowed to invade your peace. Routine meditation practice will help you will feel more refreshed and less stressed at the start of your day.

Relaxation is another key factor in dealing with insomnia. Daily meditation is a powerful natural treatment for insomnia and can be used without harmful side effects. Try it and see the effects meditation will have not just on your insomnia, but also on your mind and body. It will increase your sense of well-being and help lessen tensions.

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