Living an Emotional Successful Life

Are you sometimes captivated, or moved, by songs you hear with words such as, “Slow down; take a look at yourself; don’t you want to be…?” It is possible, if you are like most people, that such words help you find joy or hope, and build self worth by inviting you to look inside and realize how your mental thoughts affect your own emotional success.

Do these kinds of lyrics also say something to you about your attitude? You may also have realized that in reviewing the things in your life that you can change that building a more positive attitude is one of the first, and best, changes you can make.

Your emotional success is also affected by how you perceive your own value. You may not realize it but your worth is not measured by others’ perception (often inaccurate) of you, as much as it is by your own perception, and the values you display by your own words and actions.

When you look inside, try to find the joy that can come with realizing your dreams. Do not be ashamed to be seen as “going your own way”, especially if it involves something you have always wanted to do or accomplish. Realization of personal goals is emotionally quite satisfying.

Carpe diem, or seize the day, simply means to savor each moment you are able to breathe air and use your talents and skills, whatever they may be, to experience, to improve, or to even create something you can feel good about.

People are attracted to people like you when you “seize the day,” because you appear confident, motivated, relaxed, or just “comfortable in your own skin,” as the saying implies. Lifting others up in this way will reciprocate in the form of your own emotional success, knowing you have made a difference in the life of someone else.

Serving or inspiring others certainly has a therapeutic effect, but remember to find time for personal accomplishments that you have always wanted to achieve for your own self-actualization. There is no better path to your emotional success than when you begin to realize your dreams.

Taking time to review and perhaps document your lifelong accomplishments can be an invigorating exercise when you stop to see the valuable contributions and exciting personal interactions you actually experienced. By recording and reviewing your activities daily, you can be certain that you complete or perform at least one deed that made you feel good about yourself that day.

Don’t wait until the next time you hear a familiar song that reminds you to search for the inspirational “you” inside. Capture the moment by reflecting and acting on who you are and what you can be.

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