Learning from Depression

Depression can be a very treacherous mountain to climb. It is not an easy path, but it is possible to overcome the fear of failure and making mistakes. If you want to defeat your depression and build self esteem, you must have patience and perseverance.

Keep your sights on today

Keep the scope of your thoughts and worries to a manageable level. Only worry about what you can do today. Worrying about what may happen in the future is not going to help you today. Only think about what you can do today to make your situation better; give NO thought to the future, it will take care of itself. Doing this will keep your fear of failure minimized and manageable.

Depression and your body

There is a physical price to pay for the emotional problems associated with depression. Unlike what we have been taught to believe, depression doesn’t only affect your mind, your body also feels the effects of depression. If left unchecked, the physical side effects can further exacerbate your depression. This can include stomach problems, unexplained pains and low energy. This is a difficult cycle to break free from, so you must not let it gain a foothold in your life.

Exercise your body as well as your mind

One of the most beneficial activities you can engage in that will provide the biggest benefit to your mind and body is exercise. The endorphins released during exercise are proven to combat (if not altogether defeat) depression. It is absolutely imperative that you engage in an exercise program, no matter how light, just to get your body moving and your blood flowing. But keep in mind that if you exercise a lot while still maintaining negative thoughts, those negative thoughts will pull you back into depression.

Social Networking

Getting outdoors and meeting people is a great way to force you out of your shell, and gives you a great sense of accomplishment. New friends can and will help you stay positive in these distressing times and can be a great support. Be careful not to complain or lean on them too much or you may find that they will get tired of hearing it too often.

Removing the negative

If there are people in your life that are facilitating your depression, like negative people or abusers, you need to distance yourself from them. It is not always possible to remove these elements from your life, however it is possible to limit your contact with them in order to minimize their influence on you. One of the ten mistakes of depression that makes you depressed is shame. It’s a mistake because it is unresolved and keeps you feeling unworthy.

Keep on the sunny side

While it is difficult to maintain, it’s important that you work on thinking positively. If you begin to have negative thoughts, begin to observe them and get a feel for what kinds of thoughts you are having and how frequently. Next, ask yourself why. Why am I having these thoughts and where are they coming from? Try looking at your thoughts from a distance as an impartial observer. When you get better at this, try challenging your negative thoughts and replacing them with something more positive. This isn’t easy, but it is one of the best methods to reversing the thought patterns associated with depression.  Here is a video I made on how to escape the spiral of negativity

Success through failure

Don’t be afraid of failure. Many times when we gain success, we never think about all of the mistakes and failures that led us there. Starting something new always involves a certain amount of risk, and mistakes do accompany success. You must have a realistic mindset when taking risks. There is never a safe risk, and all carry with them the chance of failure.

Realizing that failure comes in lots of forms (just like success) and can be harnessed for positive outcomes is essential to learning from your mistakes and failures.

Don’t fight it alone

Solicit help from friends and family. Your existing support network, along with the new friends mentioned above will be an invaluable resource when depression seems too much for you to handle alone. Your friends and family will be able to inspire you in ways you can’t by yourself. Sometimes, you can also get empowered by learning valuable skills in a video self help depression program that you can use again in the future to beat depression on your own.

The fear of failure and making mistakes can be brought to a manageable level without the use of addictive pharmaceutical drugs and their dangerous side effects. Take positive steps today to avoid the mistakes that make and keep you depressed so you can overcome your depression and get on with a life of optimism and joy.

Click here to learn the lessons of depression and turn it into something positive in your life. You will find a new sense of purpose, have greater satisfaction and get your life back, something all of us strive for daily.

Not getting the lesson of depression is one of the most important mistakes you can make. When you keep revolving in the past, you stay stuck in depression. Stop making the depression mistakes and learn from your depression.

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