Leadership Through Self Confidence

Despite the misconception that leadership is all about power, it is far more about motivating others to build self esteem and strengthen self-confidence. By helping others to overcome shyness, you can help them spring into action to meet the goals of the organization. Being a leader is far more important than just being a boss. You don’t have to resort to harassing people or drive them by using fear tactics. The answer is truly an easy one and it is encouragement. The goal of any organization should be to have everyone on the same page and to help each person to see the big picture and understand how they fit in.

When people can see their full and clear sense of purpose, they will gladly follow others faithfully from start to finish. When they feel encouraged, their self confidence is strengthened. They will more willingly and gladly follow another who knows where he or she is headed from the onset. If you yourself don’t know exactly where you are supposed to be headed, how can others know? You either know your path or you do not. It is as simple and easy as all that.

The true definition of a leader is not someone who tells others what to do or what they make them do. It’s more about who you are as a person inside, what you do know, and also what you do. All of these things combined together are what makes a real leader a leader. You become the reflection of what your subordinates are supposed to be and should aspire to be themselves.

There are a lot of essential elements of good leadership and some of which include trust and confidence that you inspire openly in your subordinates.  Good communication is another vital essential, and either you have it or you don’t. Trust and confidence are the two things that emerge over time. Good communication comes after trust and confidence with subordinates has already been established. This means being able to successfully communicate organizational goals and objectives and setting an example.

Being a leader is not something that happens overnight or occurs easily. It is something that demands lots of hard work, devotion, and most importantly it takes time.



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