Is It Possible To Treat Depression Without Medication By Learning from Salmon?

I am inspired to write to you today about ways to beat depression naturally by learning from salmon. Yes, salmon, but it has nothing to do with taking fish oil, even though that is a great way to treat the concentration and emotional issues that go with depression.

Salmon rely on their unique inner programming of going back to where they were born to lay their eggs. Imagine swimming for as many as 2000 miles just to go back to the same exact spot in the stream where you were born, so you can lay your eggs. They travel thousands of miles through rough waters to get to this one particular spot. Like salmon, you as a human are also part of nature and as such, you have a similar innate drive for survival.

While in Toronto recently, I visited Toronto’s best (and most famous) smoked salmon shop, Kristapsons. I also had the good fortune of speaking with the owner, Andris Grinsbergs, to learn more about salmon’s unique behavior. He told me that salmon count on an internal GPS system that allows them to travel or migrate from the North Pole all the way down to the California coast just to reproduce!

I think you as a human can do the same thing. Not to travel upstream to reproduce, but rather to find the energy within yourself to solve whatever problem is at hand. In the case of depression, it’s about finding that innate energy– the drive, desire and the determination– to beat the habit of depression.

For you, it’s also about survival. You have the ability to survive. It’s what has kept our race alive.
We have gone to the moon. We have sent a spaceship to Mars. We have split the atom and produced atomic bombs. And you think that you cannot find a natural depression cure? Of course you can! But you have been conditioned by the mass media and multi million dollar marketing campaigns by the drug companies to make you believe that depression is purely caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. If that were the case, and with the multitude of antidepressants out there, why are there MORE depressed people and not less? Maybe because it’s the wrong solution to the wrong cause.

For me, salmon is a reminder of how you can survive your problems and setbacks. The road to beating depression begins by reconnecting with this inner desire and determination to do it.
Intellectually you know what you have to do, but emotionally something is stopping you and part of that has to do with the negative conversation in your head that is completely clouding your vision, and creating the false beliefs that you have about yourself. For instance, that everything is hopeless and there is no way that you can be helped. Helloooo – we sent a vehicle to Mars. Why is depression so hard? Maybe because you never learned the skills.

Use the salmon as your teacher and remind yourself every time you eat salmon or every time you see them in a store, magazine or on TV. Say to yourself; “That salmon has traveled thousands of miles and has had to adapt to its environment to survive. I have that inner drive in me too!”

Now, how will you access and focus that energy?

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