How to Fix Hurt Feelings

There are a wide variety of things that can cause you to get upset. One thing that is upsetting to a lot of people is when someone else hurts our feelings for whatever reason. When this happens, we normally get upset. Sometimes it leaves us feeling frustrated, especially when we feel helpless and hopeless about what to do to resolve the issue.

The truth is a lot of us lack the skills to effectively deal with our feelings of hurt and despair. Many people focus on the external events, seeking answers as to why people behave the way they do, instead of focusing on their own feelings of frustration.

Dealing with frustration, handling anger, irritability, depression, are not an easy thing to take on personally. It is also not something that we have learned how to handle on our own.

By nature, a lot of us are very sensitive, when it comes to our feelings. There are a lot of real things that can upset us. We can get hurt when someone calls us a mean name or says something mean about us. When this happens, it makes us sad, as well as mad, in addition to hurt. However, being called a mean name is not the root of the problem, there is a lot more going on that just that.

What are some things that do make a person mad or upset?

It does hurt when you hear someone talk about you, or call you names. You know personally how it makes you feel. You start to realize that the name caller is not a friend in the sense that counts the most. For one thing, if a person is a real friend, they wouldn’t be calling you names in the first place. Secondly, they are a person who would stand by your side always, and someone who would give you nothing but good and sound advice. If you turn that advice away and get angry at him or her, then you are not being the true friend at all.

Another thing that could hurt in a big way, as well as make you very sad and blue, is if your own child takes to calling you names. Not only can this tear you apart as a parent, it can also make you feel bad about yourself, because your own child is showing you disrespect in a big way.

The best way to confront a problem such as this is to sit your child down and have a serious heart to heart with him or her personally.

Is someone at work upsetting you? Tampering with your emotions in a big way? If so, there are a number of choices you can use, in order to fix this from happening any further. One way is to confront them head on and have a talk as to why they are doing this to you. If they are not reachable through you having a talk with them personally, then you can then try going to your boss, and see if he or she can have a talk with the person who is upsetting you so much. You need to relay to your boss just why this is upsetting you and why you need them to help you out.

There is one thing to remember whenever you do get upset. Do your very best to try and stay calm. If you feel yourself reaching a boiling point, it is best that you remove yourself from the person or the situation that is upsetting you, at least until you simmer down, and begin to lose your feeling of being upset and angry. When you are feeling better, try talking to the person about how you are feeling.

These are just a few examples of things you can do to handle your hurt feelings.

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