How To Beat Depression – Is Depression Hereditary?

Are you wondering if depression is hereditary and where depression comes from? If you are, then join me on the journey to discovering the causes of depression as well as applying simple depression self-help tips that I used to beat depression.

I was depressed for a long time and I felt hopeless and stuck in the dark hole of depression. I wanted to know the source of the depression and how to treat depression without taking antidepressants.

This video is about the Day of the Dead and how our ancestors influence who we are and how we feel. These family patterns continue and get passed on over time. They are family secrets and traumas that impact how we feel and react. We pick up these negative patterns of thinking and behavior unconsciously when we are children.

In this video, I will teach you my simple 3-step formula for overcoming depression. The tools I provide will help you discover the source of your depression symptoms to begin to defeat depression, anxiety, and the feelings of hopelessness, shame and guilt.

I gained the self confidence, determination, and willpower to find happiness again, and you can too!

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