Handling Your Emotions: Self Mastery Skills

Dealing with depression, fear and emotion is a daily chore in everyone’s lives. In this fast paced world in which we live, we are constantly challenged by external events that make it difficult for us to keep our emotions in check. Many issues present themselves, and we are left to try and determine when and how we should use our self-mastering skills.

When handling emotions and especially fear, we often don’t know what to do until we are totally overwhelmed. There are several self mastery skills that can help when you are faced with a situation in which you feel out of control of your emotions.

Self Mastery Skills

Learning how to stay calm is the first of these skills. Some people go for a long walk to help them think things through, and learn how to get a better handle on their troubling situation. When you’re out on a walk and breathing in fresh air, it helps you to calm down. When your heart is pumping and your brain is getting more oxygen, you are physically better able to deal with the whatever situation at hand. Even after you go out for a walk, you will find you can analyze the problem in a much calmer fashion.

Another way to master emotional situations is by writing things down. Start by writing a letter, even to yourself. You will find that through writing, you will be better able to get whatever emotions you are experiencing out in the open. Once you have had a chance to write them down, put whatever you have written away for a while. When you feel ready to re-read it, you might notice a sense of detachment from whatever you wrote, and to observe your feelings in a more objective way.

It also helps you know that you are never alone when you are dealing with emotional challenges. There are many resources out there that can help you through it. For starters, you can do an assessment of yourself. If you write down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions down and look at them on paper. You may be able to understand exactly why you are feeling the way you are. You can go online and search out ways to work through challenging situations that are similar to yours. Look for blogs, free e-books, and self help materials. You may also want to talk with your family doctor, naturopath, or therapist about your issues. If you have employer insurance, check to see if you are entitled to an Employee Assistance Program or other Mental Health coverage.

Emotions come in many different sizes and shapes. And there are times when you can feel like you are on a very fast emotional roller-coaster. There will be days when you are on top of the world and absolutely nothing can bring you down. Then, there will be days when you come crashing down to the bottom, feeling helpless and unable to deal with your current situation. During these times focus on some of these self mastering skills. By applying these tips, you will feel more in control of your emotions and your life.

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