Get Help With Stress From Two Herbs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

We often hear of how well plants, especially herbs, can help with stress and increase the effectiveness of the body’s immune system.  Stress is caused in part by our hectic lifestyles, what we eat and how we respond. While herbs can’t completely stop stress, cure depression, or heal anxiety; there are some that can help alleviate the most distressing symptoms.

The following two herbs are homeopathic remedies for stress commonly used in India that have shown great promise in strengthening the body’s immune system and relieving the effects of stress on the body.

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), commonly known as Indian Pennywort, is commonly found in India. The Pennywort herb is a member of the dill and carrot family. It is most extensively used in Indian cooking. Brahmi leaves reduce stress and fatigue. They are also beneficial in improving memory. Small number of leaves can be crushed and added to milk, and taken on a regular basis to improve memory. You can also find Pennywort herb in powder form that can be mixed in water as a tonic. Do you think that could help you be more productive at work?

Ashwagandha (withania somnifera), commonly called winter cherry, is one of the herbs that produce wonderful results on nervous system, circulatory system and joint related problems. Ashwagandha is known as the Indian ginseng because of its revitalizing actions. It plays a major role in suppressing anxiety and hypertension, and has proved very effective in relieving stress and stress related problems. Ashwagandha also increases the body’s overall strength to fight against disease. In Ayurveda, it is also used in treating nervous exhaustion, and physical fatigue. You can find Ashwagandha in teas, tinctures and capsules.

Ashwagandha has no adverse side effects, however, as with all herbs, it is important to consult a qualified health care professional for dosage instructions and to understand how they affect the rest of your body or interact with other meds or supplements you may be taking.

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