Feeling Stressed? Self Help Stress Tips

Stress does not warn us when it’s about to strike. The various undesirable incidences that you have to deal with on a daily basis can cause you to stress. The state of your living and working environment can also cause you to feel stressed. The best way to deal with it is to accept stress as a natural part of your life and to have a plan for it.
Click on the link to learn some of the strategies to relieve stress and you can save yourself from huge medical expenses and med side effects. Below are a few you can try immediately:

Drink More Water

Have you ever felt irritated for no apparent reason? Dehydration can cause us to feel irritated, and even affect our ability to think clearly and perform some activities that would have otherwise required only a little mental focus. This is because when the body’s hydration level drops by as little as 2% it affects your ability to make the simplest decision or even do a simple math task. When you are well hydrated you will be able to think much clearer, and your brain function is much sharper. It is easy to fall behind on your water intake while you are on the job. To counter this, you could keep a container of water on your desk where you can always see it. A pint-size container should be adequate, and you should refill it as soon as it becomes empty (three or four times a day should be enough).

Create a Ritual

Grabbing a snack or a cup of coffee at some point of the day is a norm for many us. You could make a ritual out of these simple activities instead of the regular rush to grab and go. Use you snack or coffee break as a little time out session during specific portions the day. Use this time to enjoy the little things that usually go unnoticed while you prepare the coffee or snack. These include the sounds of preparation, the aroma from the coffee, the smell of the snack, the feel and motion that comes along with the entire activity. You may be surprised just how soothing this is and will not even realize how it diverts your attention from stressful thoughts.
It’s even more effective when you create a ritual using some of these proven stress relief strategies.

Take Time to Breathe

Now ever so often you may catch yourself holding your breath, and feel just that sense of relief when you expel it calmly and slowly. Our breathing has a lot to do with the relaxed state of our body at any given point. When you are in a stressful situation or just going through a hectic day, taking nice long deep breaths can be very therapeutic. This is a very effective way to combat stress.

When our breath is all pent up inside, the muscles in our chest and upper back respond by tightening. Just take some time to sit still, even at your desk and focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply, allowing each to last for three counts. You will certainly feel the effects it has on your body as the stress seems to drain away with each breath. This may not always be possible, but try to shove all the stressful thoughts from your mind. If it does come, try to imagine yourself opening one door for it to enter, and then opening another to let it out.

These techniques are developed from your very own every day activities. They are very effective and don’t require that you exert any extra energy, travel from one place to another or even pause from your activities for any period of time. Click on the link if you need to reduce your stress now.

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