Yes, Exercise Helps Depression

Many years ago it was proven that energy will create more energy. When you start to feel sleepy, try taking a walk instead. It will bring your body back to life and you’ll feel energized. Exercise will also help if you are feeling depressed. In fact, did you know that it has been shown to be a natural depression treatment? Remember, you have thoughts, emotions and a body, and each one contributes in some way to your depression. Click here for some of the causes of depression.

Exercise is also responsible for other things like weight loss, muscle tone, and even for anxiety. Due to the endorphin’s released in the brain when we exercise we can feel happy instead of sad. That doesn’t mean that exercise is a cure for depression but it can help a lot.

Doctors recommend a regular exercise program to treat depression. Doing exercise for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week helps the symptoms of depression. The exercise you choose doesn’t have to be strenuous, even walking is good. Taking a 30 minute walk regularly is considered an excellent form of exercise. The idea is to move your body, just do anything to get your blood flowing.

If you are feeling down and blue, you may not feel up to 30 minutes. But even 10 minutes will be better than nothing. Start off slow if you need to and try to work your self up to 30 minutes.

When you start exercising you will also notice a difference in your sleep patterns. You will start sleeping much better. Below are three tips to using exercise as a way to fight depression and promote good health.

1. Starting out slow and making sure you don’t over do. You can always increase your routine.

2. Start your exercise program focused on cardiovascular exercise. Choose your favorite exercise like walking, running, swimming, basketball, dance, or elliptical.

3. Increase your routine and the intensity of your exercise as you. Varying you routine will keep you from having burnout.

The key, though, is to start. And if you’re depressed, it may be difficult to do anything.  What’s even better than exercise alone, is developing some awareness of what thoughts, emotions and physiology you experience regularly (do you often have negative thoughts, do you often feel worthless, do you often look down?). The question then becomes – where do these habits come from? Are you doing things that make or keep you depressed?

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