Depression Solutions – Are you Wondering How to Beat Depression Naturally?


Have you ever wondered what the Air and Space Museum in San Diego has to do with how to beat depression naturally? Ummm… probably not, right? So today I want to show you the connection between depression, technology and evolution.

Wilbur and Orville Wright were two ordinary men who used their bicycle technician skills to build a flying machine which initiated human flight. Two ordinary men who did something extraordinary. Prior to that moment people had thought it was physically impossible, because the belief system at the time didn’t allow it.

Like the Wright Brothers, John F. Kennedy was also responsible for breaking an old belief and creating a new paradigm. When he was president of the United States, he was talking to Dr. Werner Von Braun, the main scientist behind the race to the moon. JFK asked him “what would it take for us to send a man to the moon and back, safely?” apparently, Werner Von Braun’s response was: “Mr. President, it takes an act of will”. What he meant was that FIRST you have to consciously decide that you are going to do something. And THEN you figure out how.

At the time achieving human flight or putting a man on the moon were seemingly impossible feats. Now, you may think that there is no natural way to beat for depression. You may not know how to get out of your depression. Like going to the moon, finding a way to treat depression without medication starts with an act of will. You need to find the desire and willpower to do it. You need to connect to that feeling inside of yourself where you can say, I AM going to beat depression no matter what!

Taking antidepressants is not going to help you overcome depression. Nobody can get to the moon by taking a magic pill. The seemingly impossible task of beating depression starts within you. You have to decide that you are unsatisfied with the way you are living right now, and make the decision to change – to become a creative contributor in the world, and become the hero of your life!

You start with the desire to overcome depression and embrace it. Then you focus on discovering the causes of depression. You may think it’s a chemical imbalance, because that’s what you have read or been told. As far as I know, if you have been given an antidepressant, the doctor did not stick any electrodes in your head or take any kind of lab tests to get a chemical measurement to make a diagnosis. Most doctors and psychiatrists are guessing. They are just following the big pharmaceutical company’s sales and marketing guidelines.

If your goal is to treat depression without medication, you have got to start with your inner desire, discover the real depression causes and then do something different. Because whatever it is that you have been doing up until now has gotten you to this point of being depressed. Isn’t time to change you’re belief system about what’s possible? Let JFK and the Wright brothers inspire you to beat depression naturally.

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