Depression Self Help – Protecting Your Personal Boundaries

When I was depressed I needed a lot of help with depression. I was in a lot of pain and I felt like a big loser most of the time.

I found a way to deal with depression without meds. It took many years of therapy, workshops, and self help depression work. Now, I have developed a series of videos with tips to help you find the causes of depression and implement solutions that will help you get out of the dark hole of depression.

This video was shot on location in San Ysidrio, California at the US – Mexico border just south of San Diego. In this video, you will learn how personal boundaries affect your depression and what to do about it. I will help you stop depression by discussing why it is that people may cross the line with you, where this comes from, and how you can protect your boundaries. It starts by getting in touch with your childhood conditioning and negative self talk, and finding the desire to change.

I beat depression and you can too!!

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