Depression in Men

Both men and women suffer from depression. Unlike women, men are taught at an early age to suppress their emotions.

When dealing with depression, men often refrain from asking for help — believing it to be a sign of weakness. Generally, men will not admit to depression or seek treatment for it. They keep repeating the same mistakes (click for more info on the top depression mistakes that make and keep them depressed).

Men are at a greater risk for depression-related illnesses to develop because they keep their feelings private versus externalizing them, like the majority of women do. They use drugs, alcohol, sex, and even work to disguise their depression; even to themselves.

The battle between men and depression is a silent one. They put on an act to hide the internal turmoil, disguising most of the signs.

Even if you are close to the person, it may not be easy to pick up on what’s going on; but there are a few things to look for. Depression symptoms in men arise in the form of anger, frustration, and aggression.

Additionally, typical signs of depression may also come in the forms of oversleeping, not sleeping at all, tension, and uncontrollable anger. If you notice these symptoms in a loved one, then you may want to consider addressing the topic in a non-pervasive manner.

When confronting your loved one, be sure to let them know that you care and that you’re available to listen to them without judgement. Pressing the issue risks making matters worse; so when they are ready to talk, they will come to you.

Click on the following link for a few ways a man can use self help depression techniques. Some more include:

  • Open up about your problems and feelings, when you’re ready.
  • Stay physically active and keep busy doing something you enjoy.
  • Take some time to yourself to relax at the end of a busy day.
  • Eat healthy meals and sleep well.

Ultimately, if you really want to beat depression like I did, you need to look at what kind of thoughts and emotions you are having every day, especially those that you are not aware of!

It’s these mistakes of thinking and feeling that make and keep you depressed. Click here to learn about how you can avoid these mistakes and beat depression naturally.

I want to avoid depression mistakes

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