Celebrate “I Want You to Be Happy Day” and Beat Depression Naturally!

Depression is something that affects over 10% of the population. Many people experience depression at some point in their lives and some prefer to beat depression naturally.

Depression is like having this dark cloud hanging overhead for most of the day.

Most people who experience this are still able to get out of bed, get to work, and handle their daily commitments.

What they have is this ongoing mild depression or moderate depression. It can be so subtle that a lot of the depression symptoms go unrecognized.

So, how can you overcome depression and break out of this dark cloud of hopelessness and despair?

One way to fight depression is through “I Want You To Be Happy Day”.

Now, I know you might be thinking this is some kind of joke, but believe me it isn’t. Every March 3rd is “I want You To Be Happy Day”. And yes, I really do want you to be happy.


Have you considered that perhaps the spiritual masters and quantum physics experts are right? That we are ONE?

Maybe if I help you, I help myself. Is this a selfish or a benevolent act?

Probably both.

However you look at it, if we are one and the same, then by helping you with your depression, I help myself. If I help you become happier, I help myself become happier.

It’s actually pretty cool, don’t you think?

Then, for just one moment, you can break the pattern of focusing on the negative thoughts. What if for just one moment, you could change your focus to something positive, where you make a difference to someone else?

What if you change your perspective from being absorbed in your own situation and instead focus on someone else and help him or her to become happy and pay it forward?

Happiness comes from within, but it can be triggered from outside.

You can become happy by watching a funny video or by eating a delicious fruit, or by seeing the unconditional smile of a child, or enjoying your dog be with you with pure love.

During these moments, you can break the pattern of negativity and feeling worthless, hopeless, and hopeless.

You do make a difference, even if it’s with a child who doesn’t want anything from you in return.

The trick is to find more of these moments, and by finding them, you will break this spiral of negativity–the black hole we find ourselves falling into.

Here are some things that you can do:

Just for a moment, find something, anything, to make you smile.

Even if it’s going out and buying a bouquet of flowers at the supermarket and giving it to a loved one, your boss or assistant, or even a total stranger. By doing this you not only put a smile on the person’s face, which will put a smile on your face, but you actually connect with someone unconditionally. This will send ripples out through the universe.

It also breaks the whole Hollywood advertising mass media hype. You know, where you are expected to feel and act like they want you to feel, which is to feel insecure or “less than”, if you don’t have the products they are pushing on you.

Happiness doesn’t depend on an external product. It depends on your seeing the beauty of yourself and of life in the moment.

Only you can see that with your eyes, and it’s much easier when you can give that gift to somebody else. I truly want you to be happy, and I hope you break the cycle of depression by celebrating “I want you to be happy day” on March 3rd (and every other day).

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Also, I made a lot of mistakes before I beat depression. You are probably making some of the same mistakes. If you want to stop making them, click here.


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