Beating Depression Naturally

My neighbors are starting to build a house and the noise has bee driving me up the wall!  Massive machines and tractors work from 8:01 AM till 6:59 PM mixing dirt, mixing concrete and lord knows what else. The whole house vibrates from the collected effort, even the plates on the counter!

But what does coping with annoying neighbors disturbing my peace have to do with beating depression naturally?  It comes down to control.  Trying to control external events is futile, but we often try to do so.  Our frustration, in the face of this inability is what fuels our depression. We have lost control. Or maybe we never really had it and just thought that we did.

I am a bit of control freak – yes, I admit it.  My mind has a way of convincing me that my point of view is the only point of view that matters or is right.  For many of us it’s the same.  And so often times when things come crashing down around us we are left with feelings of frustration and anger—outward explosions of our ego.  But these explosions often implode on our egos and our anger and frustration turn into feelings of hopelessness and despair.  And thus, depression sets in.  But we needn’t suffer if we learn to recognize the signs.  Avoiding the feelings that lead us into depression isn’t always possible, but changing those feelings is possible —and this is key to learning how to beat depression naturally.

There are different options as there are different roads to take. The issue is to adapt, learn, become aware of yourself, of your body, of your thoughts, especially when they just get carried away. It’s also important to realize that it’s not going to be forever. But in the meantime, in that moment, you have to adapt. Move with it, flow with it and then you are coping with depression effectively.

So back to my neighbors, or more accurately me and my inner conversation… I was getting angry at myself. I was getting angry at life. I was getting angry at everybody. I felt like the whole world was out to get me, because life didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be or the way I expected it to be. Instead of being adaptable, I was being as flexible as a steel beam.

The construction crew at my neighbor’s place, God bless them, gave me the perfect opportunity to see that, to see it happening right now and I was able to catch myself. I was like, “Aw, $%#&! These guys are driving me nuts.” So I was fuming. I was pacing back and forth, I couldn’t even focus on enjoying my super duper extra healthy organic chamomille tea to calm me down. In desperation, I sent my friend an email complaining, “these guys are driving me absolutely bonkers” (as if that was going to help).

And then, the moment came. I relented. “You know what?” I said to myself,  “I’m going to use this. This is a lesson.”

Because the whole purpose of life is to learn.  You have to learn how to become aware of what’s happening inside of you, to become aware when your thoughts start taking you down a negative road. Because when you have negative thoughts, suddenly your emotions become negative, negative and unproductive. And BOOM! You’re in the depression zone. Again.

So, rather than continue down this road of negativity,  I asked myself:  “How can I use this?” and voila! The birth of this article. Remember, nothing goes on forever. Workers go home at night, the rain will stop, the sun will shine.  It’s never forever. It lasts for a short amount of time. Same with overcoming depression – unless you keep doing the same old conversation, reliving the past, staying rigid, and inflexible.

What’s the lesson of your depression?

If you don’t get the lesson,your depression will go on, maybe forever! Every day calcifying into more rigidity and more pain – until and unless you do something different. To avoid that fate, get the lesson, and get your life back.

Yes, help me get my life back



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