Anxiety Relief with Natural Remedies

More people are turning to herbal remedies for anxiety with the hope of getting some relief from their anxious feelings, without the high risk of side effects that are usually associated with prescription drugs. Regardless of what the root cause is for your anxiety attacks, if left untreated, anxiety can simply leave you feeling irritable, overwhelmed, sometimes causing lack of sleep and generally affecting your overall health.

If anxiety is slowly crippling your day to day life, and the idea of using conventional medicine does not sit well with you, there are natural remedies for anxiety available that you could consider. However, before you start using any supplements, it is always advisable to seek professional advice.

Consider relieving anxiety naturally by utilizing the following remedies:-

St. John’s wort, also referred to as goat weed, is one of the popular anti-anxiety herbs available in the market today. Studies show that this herb is useful in relieving mild depression and reducing stress among other symptoms associated with anxiety. It is argued that St. John’s wort inhibits the re-uptake of serotonin, a vital mood regulator. It is believed that in as little as two weeks of using this herb, you should start to notice changes in your anxiety levels.

Kava Kava is a plant that originates from the South Pacific Islands and whose root has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes. The component kavalactones present in the root extract triggers mild sedative effects while also bringing about a pleasant mood, therefore consequently lowering stress and ultimately relieving anxiety. Natives of the Pacific Islands comfortably chew Kava Kava root although it has an unpleasant after taste which has prompted it to be made available in other manageable forms, like pills, tea and liquid extract. Reports of complications associated with liver health have been noted, therefore you should use it cautiously following your physician’s directive.

Valerian Root also makes the list for herbal remedies for anxiety. It’s sedative quality makes it a good remedy for insomnia, one of the top symptoms of anxiety. Better sleep patterns will benefit you and largely improve your mood as well as relief the tiredness and fatigue you may be experiencing due to anxiety. Valerian root is touted as been 90% effective on improving quality of sleep, a key finding since anxiety has been largely linked to sleep disorders.

Passion flower is also among the known herbal remedies for anxiety being promoted in the market today. It will offer you great benefits with its ability to calm the nervous system as well as promoting a feeling of inner peace. It can also be used in the form of tea as a good remedy for insomnia and hysteria. Other properties that make Passion flower a great remedy include its anti-depressant component.

, a natural remedy for anxiety is believed to relief nervousness, stress, and worry in general. It is known to promote feelings of calm during rather stressful episodes therefore helping you effectively manage any imminent anxiety attacks. PureCalm is claimed to contain zero additives therefore 100% natural and safe for use by children. PureCalm is a mixture of lavender, lemon balm and passion flower. The lavender helps in combating insomnia, restlessness and depression.

MindSoothe combines the powerful action of St. John wort with Passion flower to help relief anxiety by affording you, the user, with the benefits of improved sleep patterns, sharp mind and improved cognitive function. When you have clarity of mind you are less likely to suffer from anxiety attacks that are related to forgetfulness and feelings of losing control of a situation.

Vitamins are an essential component in our diets that help promote holistic health. Their ability to trigger neurotransmitter synthesis and maintenance ensures that the body does not spiral into hormonal imbalances which could trigger anxiety attacks. A good example is vitamin B-Complex which is vital in maintenance of a healthy nervous system and consequently acting as a preventive measure to any imminent anxiety attacks.

Adapting a holistic approach to managing anxiety is important. Incorporate massage therapy, yoga, meditation and other physical exercises to help you reduce stress, improve sleep and general well being. By so doing you will be a step closer to better anxiety management.

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