Activities That Will Help Relieve Stress

We all have stress in our lives at some point and time, it’s how we help relieve stress that is important.

When you are upset about anything or threatened this is stress.  When the body senses this stress it sends out stress responses to protect you and also to challenge you, to make you alert. When your palms start to sweat or that headache comes on quickly and you feel the tension in your neck you know this is a sign and symptoms of stress.

However, after a certain point these sensors reach their stress level and the stress can become a problem to your health.

Now that we know what causes stress let’s talk about what to do about it.

When you click on the following link, you will learn that there are many natural alternatives for stress relief. Some appeal more to one personality type than to another.

There are many types of meditation that will work.  If you are not familiar with meditation there are many books written on the subject.  It is a very freeing activity and clears the mind of all thoughts.  This will cause you to get in tune with your body and is a major benefit to help relieve stress.

Deep breathing or thinking tranquil thoughts when you are at work and you can’t get away will help a lot.  Repeating a favorite poem, song or Bible verse over and over will also help.

Try not to take all criticism personally.  It is possible that you can benefit from someone telling you what you have done wrong and how you can do it better.  This is something that could even make your life better.

Some people turn to exercise such as yoga, tai chi or equipment exercise. There are also stress management classes that you can enroll in.

The mind is a powerful thing so if it’s thinking “stress”, it can also think “no stress” when you check out some of the stress relief strategies at this link.

Relax and slow down, talk to yourself and tell yourself how you will not be bothered by the reactions that got you so upset in the first place.  This might be considered a mind game but if it works who cares?

One of the best stress management reliefs is laughter.  Laughter is the best medicine is an old quote that still holds true today.  Also smile, all the time eventually you will notice that you are really smiling and you will feel better.

Don’t forget that there are many natural herbs and supplements that you can get over the counter that you could benefit from.

Also there is massage therapy.  There is nothing like a good relaxing massage to make your knees feel like jello. The stress just seems to melt away from your body.

Another great way to work with stress management is Acupressure.  This relieves the tension and stress and can help prevent illness. This is one of many ways in the self help program to help relieve stress. Click for more info.

But one of the most important ways to help relieve stress is prayer.  This can be done anywhere at any time, during a traffic jam or a board meeting. You can bare your soul knowing someone is listening to you.

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